custom orders & catching up

i greatly enjoy working on custom orders for people. most of the time, i am just making things which i think are pretty and hope other people might like as well. so it is always nice when someone tells me precisely what they want and i get to create it. i had just finished the golden afternoon when a friend of mine told me she all the scraps from a quilt her mother had made and they just had to made into a skirt. the fabrics arrived the very day i finished up the chocolaterie skirt so the timing was perfect. there were three different music note prints and i just kept thinking how the music notes and fractal and wavelength patterns put me in mind of smooth jazz.

just before the jazz trio fabric arrived, i was contacted by a customer to make a custom skirt in the style of one i had made about 18 months ago for my birthday. i knew i had several of the rarer fabrics and i rounded those out with a few new ones to make a lovely pinky/purpley/mauve skirt that put me in mind of framboise. i think i got the colours as true as possible, this skirt is so vibrant and breathtaking in person. i enjoy just standing and admiring it while it sits on my mannequin.

i am very excited for the next skirts i have to sew: two more rainbows (just gotta keep up with those!) a very long flower pattern skirt and a vibrant multi-coloured skirt. my cutting table is so pretty with all these fabrics right now, i can’t stop smiling while i work!

busy, busy, busy!

this may has been my busiest month ever. i can’t believe how much sewing i have accomplished and how many skirts i have sold! and then i went on some epic fabric buying sprees to replenish my stock. then i went thread buying. and ribbon buying. and tissue paper buying. this month has been a huge flurry of activity and very artistically fulfilling.

as usual, i am sewing rainbows. i have two more skirts ready to be sewn right now as well as a flower skirt (about fourteen different flower fabrics) and a textured browns skirts (seventeen fabrics in that one). then there is a stack of fabrics i have been collecting ever since i saw a photo of a simple patchwork curtain hanging in an indian home. the colours were so vibrant and electrifying, i went shopping for fabrics in as close an approximation as i could so i could recreate that look. yes, sometimes even a simple curtain can inspire me.

rainbow ribbon

rainbow ribbon

i think by now, anyone who knows me understands how obsessed i am with rainbows. i never really set out to make it a signature style or anything but it kinda happened that way after all. i have been carefully restocking everything i use in my business and while i still use plain white mailers i found the most incredible ribbon that is perfect for wrapping the skirts. i bought 300 yards of 7/8″ rainbow grosgrain ribbon and i must say: it is super-fun to wrap packages like this! i like to think that people will enjoy the prettiness of the ribbon when they open their package, i know it makes me smile. my new goal is to find (or have made for me) some rainbow packing tape and perhaps some rainbow shipping envelopes. remaking my business card template to be more rainbow-y is on my to-do list as well.

skirts for friends

one of my favorite things is when a friend will contact me and request a skirt. not only does it make me happy to have a new project to work on, but it makes me feel really good to know that a friend likes my work that much. and, as usual, i have fallen completely in love with this latest skirt.

the jeweled night skirt.

jeweled night

the friend mentioned which skirts i had made previously that she liked and then mentioned that she liked ‘jewel tones’. such a wonderful descriptor. i had plenty of jewel toned fabrics but i always feel the need to buy at least a few fabrics to round out my stash before i start cutting just so i have plenty of options when arranging the patches. the fabric for the hem, waistband and ties was one i had acquired a while ago but had not quite found the correct project to use it in. most of the fabrics are dark, rich colours on black backgrounds but there are a few that are deep purple, blue or red backgrounds. and almost every fabric has a hint of metallic ink giving that wonderful understated shimmer that i so adore. and, of course, i had to put in a dark jewel toned dragonfly fabric, it is sort of my signature style.

the onyx skirt.


another friend has been requesting mini-skirts for a while and it took me a few tries to figure out exactly how i wanted to go about constructing them. i am still tweaking the patterns, but i think this will be my primary mini-skirt style. it is very short and probably better as a layer, but i am thinking i will make one for myself specifically as a swimsuit cover-up when i go to the beach. i have another style of mini-skirt i will be trying that will be very similar but a teensy bit longer, but for now i am loving this cute all-black skirt. for a long time it was very, very difficult to find a good selection of black on black quilting fabric but lately i seem to be having some luck with locating good choices for my projects. i do hope this trend continues as i greatly enjoy the muted palette of black and dark grey for clothing.

long skirts, mini skirts and a love of black

just a quick post before i disappear to go back to sewing. birthday greens was, of course, my birthday skirt. shadow sonata was a custom order for a friend. amethyst aurora was also a custom skirt which i carefully collected fabrics over months before i was ready to sew. fire opal was a skirt idea i had a while back, a vibrant rainbow against a dark black skirt. obsidian overture was another almost-all-black skirt because that seems to be a popular request lately. peridot pirouette was made around the same time as my birthday skirt because i am always looking to make more green skirts. and finally, my first two mini-skirts. rockabilly is ever so slightly longer but they are both very short skirts and would be best layered over leggings or fancy bloomers unless one is very daring.

odds & ends

i have been doing a fair bit of travel lately and it has really cut into the time i usually spend making skirts and updating my journal. luckily, i have been able to visit many quilting shops across the country and find fabrics i have not seen before to add to my collection. it is the nicest thing is to find a treasure trove of batik or calico and come home with an armload of fabric after being away for a while.

parchment ink & sealing wax was inspired from the days when i was in junior high school and i discovered a love of calligraphy. i spent many hours practicing my hand and decided the best way to practice was to write notes to all my friends in calligraphy. it turned out that one of my friends was already very into calligraphy and illumination and joined me. we spent many hours constructing elaborate notes about music and local events, who we liked, difficult classes and such in the most elaborate ways we could: crisp parchment, dark calligraphy ink & rich, glossy sealing wax.

calypso was a custom order for someone who liked my cinco de mayo skirt but wanted it bigger and longer. it was such an exciting skirt to create with all the brightly-coloured fabric all over my cutting a sewing tables. i simply adore the way it turned out, so brilliant and vibrant.

sorbetto sundae was inspired by my adoration of sorbetto. there is a small cafe i visit frequently in the spring and summer that has the most delightful flavors. my favorites tend to be watermelon, cantaloupe, lemon, honeydew… all sorts of sweet pastel fruits. i tried to create a skirt that put me in mind of a whole sundae full of pretty sorbetto scoops.

and spring flowers is yet another rainbow skirt because i cannot stop making them. i am working on a long rainbow skirt right now and it just makes me smile every time i glance at it.