waiting and waiting… and waiting some more

after twenty years, my trusty iron finally gave out. i spent some time looking over more modern irons and found one i think will suit me. i went ahead and ordered it… three weeks ago. it has still not shipped as of this writing. so i have six skirts sitting on my sewing table that cannot be completed just yet. on the one hand it has been nice to work at a slower pace. but on the other hand, i am very eager to finish these skirts up. fingers crossed that my iron ships soon.

my first panel skirt

after so many years of quilting and sewing and just playing with fabric, i have amassed a mighty amount of scraps in every colour imaginable. i began one afternoon just stitching together long strips of similar colours and before i knew it i had several large piecework panels in a rainbow of colours.

i started working on this skirt months ago but it was so labor-intensive i only just completed it this week. humorously, one of the most challenging things was coming up with a suitable name for it! i kept thinking to myself how the sound of singing tends to have similarities in every language. a joyous song just sounds joyous even if the language is unknown to you. so my first paneled skirt became every song in every language.

i am surrounded by pine trees where i live and the mysterious sound of the wind in the pines late at night always sounds like voices inviting me to come outside and explore. voices in the night is dark grey and black with just the tiniest hints of white. i greatly enjoyed working on this skirt and want to do more is such dark shades.

wildflower bouquet is a skirt that i have been wanting to make for almost a year. each of the fabrics is a pale green, blue or purple on a white background with delicate patterns of flowers, ferns and vines. it has an understated, country chic feel to it.

and finally, victorian garden. i have never really known if i like green because it is the predominant colour in any garden or if i love gardens because they are predominantly green. regardless, every victorian garden i have visited always seems to have ivy covering some corner of the gazebo, twisting around the stone birdbath and crawling along a flowerbed as a ground cover. there are also patterns of pines, hostas and other garden greenery to balance the ivy on cream design central to this skirt.

custom orders

one of the nicest aspects of having a small business is being able to take custom orders. the rainbow skirt below was one such. i was already thinking of making a nine-yard rainbow skirt when i was contacted by someone who wanted me to create one. this skirt is actually custom in another way, it has a slightly longer binding hem than my other skirts for an impressive 39 inches in length.

the honeycomb apron was a special order from a dear friend, the color scheme was her idea and i just loved making such a bright, cheerful piece. the snowcone apron was made with leftover fabric from the urban garden skirt i made. i decided that i really wanted an apron for myself in those fabrics.

paperwhite bouquet was inspired by a friend who said she wished she’d had something pretty and feminine to wear after her wedding. at first i contemplated doing a pure white-on-white skirt (i have a huge stack of white on white fabrics) but i went with pale creams instead. i liked the antique look and feel of the fabrics and feel it would be well-suited to an after wedding outfit or just an afternoon spent picking flowers.

another four

it seems like i always make about four items before i make an entry… i think it is because i would rather be sewing than spending time photographing the things i have made so i tend to put it off until i have a few items to photograph. mostly, it is just too nice to spend too much time indoors lately. ^_^

finally spring

springtime in oregon means frequent rain showers. luckily, that also means frequent rainbows! the nicest days are where the showers are frequent but short and everything is shiny and clean and rainbows arch across the sky all day. together with my love of sewing rainbow themed pieces and you can see where this is leading…

it is very difficult to photograph my sewing projects and have them look precisely as they do in real life. the parfait apron, for example, actually has a deep purple waistband even though the photo makes it look like a rich blue. both the rainbow aprons are charms (all the patches are unique) and i had a tremendous amount of fun creating them.

the stirfry apron.


i made a few more food-related aprons as well. just because i love food fabrics and they make such cute aprons. i decided to call this one ‘stirfry’ as well because it was so similar to the last one i made, the fabrics are nearly identical. it is a nice mix of modern quilting fabrics and some nice vintage fabrics i found a while back.

the picnic apron.


i took a recent trip to seattle for a week and had a blast looking into new quilting and fabric shops. my favorite was stitches. though not entirely a fabric store (they also carried yarns, embroidery supplies, etc) there was a great selection of beautiful quilting fabric. i bought far more than i was expecting and walked back to my hotel with a big armload of fabric. (and a rainbow patch.)

i also spent a nice few hours browsing undercover quilts where i found the cutest avocado fabric and… tons of fat quarters, my only weakness. there were some of the most amazing map quilts in the front window, like geographical topography maps. i think i need to look into making something like that, i was terribly impressed. i usually just stick to geometric shapes so i really need to branch out if i want to make something like that.